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Partial Image of Sun Goddess

Partial Image of Sun Goddess,
Togu Palace, Tokyo

    Margaret Oldman has been creating beautiful sand carved crystal and glass art for over twenty years. She uses both representational and abstract designs to communicate in a language of emotion and empathy. Much of her work is inspired by the current events that shape our lives, as well as her visions of a peaceful world.

    Through her development of distinctive etching and carving techniques, Margaret creates a broad spectrum of artwork in glass and crystal. Her work includes architectural-scale installations, finely detailed crystal vases, kiln-slumped bowls, and illuminations. Margaret carves her designs using pressurized sand, accentuating the deeper carved areas with light frosting techniques for balance and depth.

    Currently, Margaret is focusing on the use of cultural symbols and images from nature to create synergy in her designs. She looks to bring harmony and balance into homes and offices through her elegant installations. A recent project for a Japanese client incorporates these ideals using cranes to represent long life and success. An additional pair of cranes in flight symbolizes a lasting partnership, and oshi-dori birds symbolize brotherly love.
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